Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trident Aegis Case for the Galaxy S4 review

(or from Amazon where I got mine)

I previously had the same style case for my Galaxy S2 and loved it so naturally I found myself having to order one for my S4 as well as some other cases because for a phone this nice you just can't have enough choices for your protection.  It's a great case and doesn't add too much bulk.  It feels pretty good in the hand but ultimately it wasn't the case for me out of the ones I bought.  Very nice indeed though.  The case fits perfectly on the device and there's no wiggle room.  Everything aligns nicely as you can see.  

All the buttons were easy to use and had no issues at all with using them.  Quite possibly my only gripe would be that the Aegis on the S2 had more of a grippy feel on the back while the back on the S4 Aegis case was very slick.  I do think this case would look much better on the darker variants of the S4 as for me the white phone in this case just doesn't look good for me.  My preference is just that too because the case is made very well and if it holds up anything like the one on my S2 it'll last long beyond the time of upgrading to your next device.