Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pressy - The Almighty Android Button

The little button that could.
I normally wouldn't write about something that isn't out yet but there's an incredible hype going with this product (and with good reason).   Along with the actual button you can get a keychain holder to hide it away if you want to use our headphones.  This little bit of niftyness adds a much needed extra button that can be used for so many different things and also multiple things (depending on how long or how many times it's clicked).
From the photos and videos I've seen the app looks to very clean and easy to use and I know we all love a good simplistic UI.  Plus there's a plethora of options of what each kind of press can do.  It could severely cut out lots of time doing simple tasks we do multiple times a day from turning on the flash (which I know rooted users can do with the screen off but now it's possible without root) to calling or texting that one person you are in contact with all day to just opening an app or a setting (muting, wifi, data, etc etc) or even taking a photo or video.  There's so many options I'm not sure what I'll do with mine when I get it.  In addition to all these actions you can set Tasker to initiate actions with Pressy for even more ideas and I'm sure eventually developers will start to incorporate Pressy into their apps using the API.  So things can only get better with this already amazing little device.
 On top of options of what it can do there are a few option of colors.  There's the basic black but also blue, white and red.  If you want to pay a little extra there's even a gold edition.  To top it off they just added a special KickStarter Edition in KickStarter green.

So I know I'm getting one but now it comes down to which one.  I'm looking at either the white or blue myself since I personally like blue but have a white phone so that's my next decision but either way I will be definitely backing this project that's way beyond needing it anymore.  Although the more funding they receive the more features they are looking to be able to implement.  So head over now and take a look.  You'll be glad you did because I know I will be.  Just can't wait to get that little guy in the mail and now to start thinking of all the things I want to make it do especially since I am a Tasker user but that's a whole other story.