Wednesday, October 16, 2013


If you haven't heard of DEAD TRIGGER or of it's developer MADFINGER Games you're in for a treat.  If you're into FPS games especially if you dig zombie games then you're really in for a good time.  I'd suggest going ahead and downloading this amazing and free game (WARNING: IAP are there but not required).  It's easy enough to use with the on screen buttons but with my MOGA Pro controller it is only better although using the main launch screen still requires touching the screen to move around but I'm ok with that as the game play uses the MOGA to it's fullest.

The game play is smooth and has a good story line to it.  In essence you start in a city in despair.  You have to go on missions to collect supplies, maintain a position and hold of hordes and also to find survivors in order to gain money and points.  The more you level up the more weapons and add-ons you can get.  Also the more you level up the more you can upgrade your weapons.  Every day you start the game you are welcomed with a daily reward of some free chips and even gold sometimes to use and win some extra goodies.  Besides the must do main quests there are other side missions there is an arena to test how long and how many points you can gain in an endless onslaught of the undead.  A nice addition is the ability to have your game play saved online so you can download it to any device and continue where you left of which not many games do.

Overall I have been thoroughly enjoying this game.  There's just nothing like destroying an endless bevy of walkers with a plethora of style of weapons to choose from whether it's a pistol, shotgun, machine gun or even the classic chainsaw or even a special alien gun for blasting the zeds away.  Even without a controller this game is fun so if you have some free time to kill and some space left on your device go give this fun game a go.