Saturday, September 28, 2013

Xposed Framework by rovo89

Those who are accustomed to modding and trying out ROMs on their devices may be familiar with Xposed Framework but for those who aren't this is a definite app that you should check out.  By itself it does nothing but with some of the modules it changes everything.  If you've used it before make sure to click the link above to get the newest APK as it's an all in one app now that makes using Xposed much easier as everything is right there for you.  As you can see in the photo on the right this is what now shows up when you first open the app.  From here you can open up right into framework and install or update if this is the first time you've used the app or if there is indeed an update.

If this is your first time (or if you've updated) you will have to reboot and once you do you can pull up the modules tab.  Here is where you can check to use any of the modules you've installed. Once checked you will need to reboot again to enact the module with Xposed. Some of the modules you will be able to click on the description in Xposed and if there's a user interface built in to that module/app (which some do not have) then it will bring you directly there where you can then start choosing what mods you want.  Some mods will require a reboot per setting change (as in Nottach's Xposed app) while others will only require the initial reboot once you've checked the app.

Another nice addition rovo98 has added to Xposed is a download section where you can easily find modules for your device.  This will also show if there's an update to the framework app itself (not just the framework's app_process and XposedBridge.jar files but the app itself) or even if an update is available to one of the modules you're currently using (if supported).  Also it will show you what modules that developers have allowed to be downloaded/updated by Xposed are currently installed because as you can see I have a few more installed than are showing on the downloads page.  There are a slew that show available to download (it's showing me with an additional 55 modules I can download).  So there's definitely not a lack of choices of what you can do.  There are some that are device specific but some of the options may work on any device.

As always folks backup backup backup (in recovery) before doing any modifications because you never know what may "break" things and make your device somewhat to completely unusable.  When you initially install the framework a disable zip is also downloaded to your files so you can also just flash that to completely disable Xposed.  So as I have done just go in small steps enabling and modding so you can know what is breaking things and you can simply just not use that tweak.  So for all you modders and tweakers out there check it out and enjoy even on stock ROMs as I have done because you don't have to use your device as the OEM's say you should.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pressy - The Almighty Android Button

The little button that could.
I normally wouldn't write about something that isn't out yet but there's an incredible hype going with this product (and with good reason).   Along with the actual button you can get a keychain holder to hide it away if you want to use our headphones.  This little bit of niftyness adds a much needed extra button that can be used for so many different things and also multiple things (depending on how long or how many times it's clicked).
From the photos and videos I've seen the app looks to very clean and easy to use and I know we all love a good simplistic UI.  Plus there's a plethora of options of what each kind of press can do.  It could severely cut out lots of time doing simple tasks we do multiple times a day from turning on the flash (which I know rooted users can do with the screen off but now it's possible without root) to calling or texting that one person you are in contact with all day to just opening an app or a setting (muting, wifi, data, etc etc) or even taking a photo or video.  There's so many options I'm not sure what I'll do with mine when I get it.  In addition to all these actions you can set Tasker to initiate actions with Pressy for even more ideas and I'm sure eventually developers will start to incorporate Pressy into their apps using the API.  So things can only get better with this already amazing little device.
 On top of options of what it can do there are a few option of colors.  There's the basic black but also blue, white and red.  If you want to pay a little extra there's even a gold edition.  To top it off they just added a special KickStarter Edition in KickStarter green.

So I know I'm getting one but now it comes down to which one.  I'm looking at either the white or blue myself since I personally like blue but have a white phone so that's my next decision but either way I will be definitely backing this project that's way beyond needing it anymore.  Although the more funding they receive the more features they are looking to be able to implement.  So head over now and take a look.  You'll be glad you did because I know I will be.  Just can't wait to get that little guy in the mail and now to start thinking of all the things I want to make it do especially since I am a Tasker user but that's a whole other story.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's been awhile...but I'm back.

So I got my new S4 which I've been enjoying immensely.  So needless to say I've been a little busy playing with my new toy.  I'm at a point now where I'm somewhat done modding it and am quite comfortable where it stands.  At first I was very displeased that my carrier didn't and still hasn't carried the 32 GB version but I've come to terms with that and I just haven't been able to have all the apps I like but then again I'm quite the app hoarder and love having lots of choices of games to play on my phone especially with that new beautiful and crisp 5" screen.  So hopefully now that my toying around has been satisfied I can start doing some more blogs in my spare time between the work thing and the at home/family thing.

Trident Aegis Case for the Galaxy S4 review

(or from Amazon where I got mine)

I previously had the same style case for my Galaxy S2 and loved it so naturally I found myself having to order one for my S4 as well as some other cases because for a phone this nice you just can't have enough choices for your protection.  It's a great case and doesn't add too much bulk.  It feels pretty good in the hand but ultimately it wasn't the case for me out of the ones I bought.  Very nice indeed though.  The case fits perfectly on the device and there's no wiggle room.  Everything aligns nicely as you can see.  

All the buttons were easy to use and had no issues at all with using them.  Quite possibly my only gripe would be that the Aegis on the S2 had more of a grippy feel on the back while the back on the S4 Aegis case was very slick.  I do think this case would look much better on the darker variants of the S4 as for me the white phone in this case just doesn't look good for me.  My preference is just that too because the case is made very well and if it holds up anything like the one on my S2 it'll last long beyond the time of upgrading to your next device.