Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Trent iTorch (IMP52D) Review

New Trent iTorch
(5,200 External Battery Charger for Smartphones)

After having received my new charger just in time for a weekend camping trip with the family and lots of charging to be done as my phone is my primary source of taking photos.  So off we went without worry as I had a new charger and while you may think that 5,200 mAh may not be enough for a weekend getaway it was definitely sufficient.

I was able to not only charge my phone twice (once for each day camping) but I got to play with another nifty feature that comes with this little charger which is the laser pointer.  It has quite the range on it and relatively no affect on the battery as I played with it for some time.  It really didn't serve me any purpose other than just something to play with but would make great for business persons in need of something to not only charge their mobile device as well as have something for a presentation in their business meetings.  The battery will shut off automatically if you don't plug something into it and once charged and you unplug you device it will also shut down automatically as well.  Also shutting off manually is quite easy compared to some other external batteries and will shut down in a few seconds whereas some take 10 - 15 at least to shut down.

With this nice little charger you not only get your typical USB charger cord but you also get an adapter for the Galaxy Tab and beyond that you get a very nice felt carrying bag to make not only keeping everything together but makes carrying everything so much easier.  Like other New Trent products it also comes with easy to read LED indicators showing how much battery is left on the charger in 25% increments.  Altogether I have to say I am very pleased with the iTorch and it served me well as I see it serving me well for much longer.