Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Trent iGeek (IMP99D/NT99D) Review

New Trent iGeek
(11,200mAh External Battery Charger for Smartphones and Tablets)

I received this on May 21st and has been a great little addition to my collection.  And quite a collection it is becoming and for that I need to stay charged.  For that task I have been pointed to the iGeek and it has been great.  I've been able to charge whatever device I have with me on the go without worry of finding a plug which means being chained to a wall which for most smartphone users just doesn't work.  We need our devices to always be at the ready and that requires energy.

With this device I can charge a smartphone and a tablet and even two smartphones if you have something newer that can use a 2 A power supply.  The iGeek comes ready with 1 A and a 2.1 A charging ports and an adapter for Samsung tablets.  I've been able to charge my device a few times off each full charge of the iGeek.

It's simple to use with both charging ports plainly marked as well as the port for charging the device itself.  The button turns on the battery with ease while turning off requires holding the power button for about 10 - 15 seconds which I take as they did intentionally as to not turn it off while in your bag and therefore your device won't charge.  It's the ONLY thing I have found to be somewhat of an annoyance but something I have overcome as I don't have to worry about my phone not getting charged due to accidentally turning off the battery.  The lights on the iGeek are easy to read as each light shows a 25% incremental battery charge and the power button lights up for on and off for being off.

In conclusion if you're looking for a spare battery don't buy one specific to your device...get an iGeek and charge all your devices.  It's small and lightweight so you won't notice it bogging down your bag and you won't have to worry about changing out a battery (if you have a removable battery that is).  You won't have to worry about buying another spare battery anytime soon as this will cover all your needs.