Saturday, April 13, 2013

Facebook Home

I've been playing around with Facebook Home as I found a work around to get it to work on any device (link to XDA below) and I can confirm it's working on my USCC variant of the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SCH-R760) running CyanogenMod 10.1 and while it's aesthetically pleasing and runs very well I don't see it being a permanent home replacement app.  I've used many home replacement apps and ever since 4.0 I've been using Apex Launcher (recently purchased the pro version which is amazing and totally worth the price but that will come in another blog post).  I really like the main page and swiping between posts.  Double clicking to like a post or picture is really nice and very intuitive.  However making Facebook a permanent home on my phone doesn't make sense to me as I use it mostly for groups I can see this being phenomenal for those whom Facebook takes up most of their time on their Android device.  Everything is very smooth and viewing pictures is simple by just touching and holding to view the photo in it's entirety instead of it scrolling through.  I really wish they would implement some of this amazing UI fluidity and beauty into their actual app for those of us who don't care to replace our current home apps (especially for those into using widgets and such to make their "home" not only theirs but beautiful and work for them).  Overall I believe Facebook hit a home run with this for those who are social networking junkies (most specifically Facebook junkies) whom don't do much else on their phones...but for the average user this will not take off.  Either way give it a go to at least check it out...that's how I roll at least.



[MOD] Facebook Home "unlocked" + *working* chat heads [NO ROOT!]
Beautiful big pictures behind status
Double click to like status/photo

Long press to see full photo