Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MOGA Pro Controller Review

MOGA Pro Controller

So I'm quite the avid gamer and have quite a few games that are quite involved.  Therefore I started looking into controllers for using with my Android devices and after searching and reading quite a bit I decided to check out the MOGA line of controllers and the Pro was the best choice for me and has proved to be quite so.  I've had it now for about two months and am always pleased to use it in gaming and others around me are always amazed when I take it out for a gaming session on the go.

It comes not only with the controller but also a charging cord and even a nifty tablet stand which I have used even with my phone although the controller itself has a mount built in for holding devices even of the Galaxy Note size.

MOGA has released their SDK so developers can develop their apps to be controller friendly and it's shown.  Some of the bigger name developers realize many people enjoy gaming on the go and the need for a controller as on screen controls really just don't cut it when it comes to games that are quite involved especially with the likes of shooter games (which are some of my personal favorites).  Not only are developers of shooting games making their apps MOGA friendly so are other gaming developers such as SEGA with games from the Sonic series that they've ported to Android and EA with games like the Need for Speed series. (MOGA developers).  All are truly a joy to play especially with the added ease of a controller.

The controller is easy to hold even with a device in the holder.  It has great grip and all the buttons work as they should without any hesitation or sticking.  It's just like holding an XBOX controller which I've always enjoyed playing.  Thanks to such an amazing controller I've been able to thoroughly enjoy and play much easier and therefore zip through otherwise very aggravating gameplay.  As I said before not all games are exactly made for ease of use on a touchscreen (albeit playable just not easily).

There are currently enough games to make the controller definitely worth the price.  There are as of right now 81 games that are MOGA compatible.  As of right now I currently have about 10 games and have tried a few others that just weren't something I saw myself playing on a daily basis and therefore deleted the app although playing with the controller was of no issue.  I look forward to getting more games as the controller has made playing games really awesome and totally worthwhile without the anger of not getting through a game because it's just not as fluid as using the MOGA Pro.

So all in all I highly recommend if you're into gaming and own an Android device whether it's a tablet or a phone or phablet that you should look into getting this amazing piece of electronics.  I almost had only wished I had held out for the MOGA Boost series.  I may end up getting one sometime in the future as it will be another great addition to my collection of Android accessories.